Will Rangerette Revels still be held on April 15th-18th, 2020?

No. Rangerette Revels 2020 has been canceled.

Is there a rescheduled date for Revels 2020?

We do not have an answer at this time. 4/29/2020

Summer Camp 2020 is canceled, will those already registered be refunded?

Yes, a refund in full will be immediately processed. It takes several business days for the refund to fully credit to your account. 4/29/2020

Will annual Tryouts for the team still be held?

We have officially changed the dates for Rangerette Pre-Training and Tryouts. The NEW dates are July 4-8, 2020. The new schedule and process is updated in the Tryout portion of our website. Go to HOME page and hit Rangerette Application Button for all the NEW details. 4/29/2020