What are the estimated costs to attend Kilgore College as a Rangerette?

The amounts below are for the 2023-2024 school year. Tuition & Fees for 14 Hours (per semester)

  • In District – $1,260.00 (with NO Dual Credit courses) $784.00 (with Dual Credit courses)
  • Out of District – $2,366.00 (with NO Dual Credit courses) $1447.60 (with Dual Credit courses) 
  • Out of State - $3066.00

Room and Board Expenses - $4,090 per semester for Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence and Meal Plan for a yearly total of $8,180

Additional Rangerette expenses range from $1500 to $2300 per year and include, Rangerette uniform items, travel expenses and gifts between classes. 

Are Rangerette hopefuls allowed to apply for and make enrollment deposits at additional colleges as a backup in case they do not make Rangerettes?

Yes. We highly recommend hopefuls have a backup plan for college should they not be selected for the team. Some students who do not make the team elect to stay at Kilgore College and try out again the next year, although staying at Kilgore College is not a prerequisite for trying out again.

If selected as a Rangerette, what is the reporting date to move into the Rangerette Residence?

All new freshmen Rangerettes selected for the 84th line will move into the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence in mid August 2023. Official practices begin the Monday after move-in and continue until school starts. 

Who can tryout for the Rangerettes?

Wearing their traditional red, white, and blue uniform, the Kilgore College Rangerettes are a non-coed, precision dance/drill team that has exhibited an “all-American image” since 1940. The Rangerettes are dedicated to maintaining the core values of the community and presenting family friendly entertainment for all ages. As the founders of precision dance/drill, they are known for their consistency and uniformity in dance and in appearance. Thus, all team members must dress exactly alike with no exceptions. Since uniformity is key to the Rangerettes’ dance style and tradition, hair length, hair-style, make-up, and the traditional Rangerette uniform are standardized to achieve this goal. Information regarding Rangerette tryouts and opportunities to apply for a manager, a manager/performer, or the voice position are available on the website.

Are Rangerettes required to live on campus?

Yes. All Rangerettes (even local East Texas residents) reside in the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence on the Kilgore College campus during the school year.

What are the academic standards for Rangerette team members?

All Rangerettes must enroll for fourteen (14) hours and successfully complete, twelve (12) semester credit hours of classes each and every semester, and maintain a 2.50 grade point average (GPA). Failure to maintain academic eligibility will result in performance suspension or dismissal from the team.

What is the Rangerette practice schedule?

Rangerettes meets during a regular class time of 1:30-4:30 PM, M-Th. There are no regularly scheduled classes on Friday, however Rangerettes are in rehearsal at times determined by Directors. Additional rehearsals are scheduled on an as needed basis, but with due consideration to the fact that Rangerettes are full-time college students.

Do the Rangerettes travel abroad every year?

The Rangerettes typically have 1 (one) major performance trip per school year. These trips may be overseas, but are more often within the United States. However, EVERY Rangerette is required to have a valid passport in the event we are invited to perform in other countries and with minimal notice.

How do I contact the Rangerette organization?

Contact us by phone at (903) 983-8273, or send us a message online here.