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Adopt-a-Rangerette Program Information

This initiative connects Forevers with current Rangerettes. As a result, personal and lasting relationships are developed.  When ‘adopting’ an active freshman or sophomore, some Forevers have a pre-existing connection or relationship to this young woman; however, this is not essential and ‘adopting’ one without prior interaction is also common.

A few tips are listed below to help new Forever adopters and to assist veteran adopters.  As a Forever adopter, please plan to initiate contact with your adoptee at least three times monthly, using e-mail, phone call, Facebook, or letter/card. Forevers:  sending a gift for every event is NOT IMPERATIVE. This unique experience is far less about the materialistic and more about the relationship.  Rangerettes enjoy hearing about her Forever’s past performances, learning which props that her Forever may have used, knowing traditions that were in place at that time, and gaining a sense of more Rangerette history.  Communicating with adoptees frequently, Forevers learn what’s evolved and what’s current with the organization now.

Providing at least two Forevers for each current Rangerette is the goal.  We want each girl to feel mentored, cared for, and connected to her Forever.  The ‘inside track’ of adopting is one of the very best ways to stay connected with the organization that we love so deeply.

Gift Ideas

Flowers are great for Show Offs, first game, Tyler game, Homecoming, and Revels.

Main Street Flowers & More do a great job and have worked with us before; be sure you let them know you’re ordering for a Rangerette.  They can be reached at

***All floral arrangements must be sent to the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence and NOT TO your adopted’s KC-assigned mail box.  The Residence address is 819 Nolen Street, Kilgore TX 75662.

Gift cards can help stretch her spending money and lend needed support.  Retailers they most often use are WalMart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, and Hollywood Movie Theater.

Fresh/Soph Survival Kits are fun baskets used for field practice that include items such as sunscreen, Insect repellant, bobby pins, bubbles, beach towels, small hair bows,  and headbands.

****NOTE:  When you mail or ship something to your Rangerette, the address must include her KC-assigned mail box number or it will be returned to you.
When in the area, consider taking your Rangerette to lunch or dinner.  If you live in the Kilgore area, think about inviting her over for a home cooked meal.

Contact Information

The Adopt-a-Rangerette program has been one of the most successful experiences in our history.  It provides girls with one-of-a-kind mentors:  those women who have actually worn the Red, White, and Blue before them.  And it gives Forevers a true picture of what goes on behind the scenes today.

Please direct ALL inquiries and info requests to the following e-mail: