Rangerette Manager

Applications for Rangerette Manager are now OPEN for the 2019-2020 academic year. 


What is a Rangerette Manager? 

Rangerette Managers are vital members of the organization and assist the current line of Rangerettes and Directors in practice, during performances and at special events. They assist daily with props, scenery, stage equipment, technical and clerical duties and tasks associated with Rangerette Revels.  

Rangerette Managers are selected by the Directors in late April and early May for the following school year. 

ALL Rangerette Managers must agree to the following in order to receive partial scholarship and travel with the Rangerettes:

  • Agrees to enroll in KINE (1104, 1105, 2104 or 2105) each semester they are an active member of the organization. 
  • Agrees to attend all extra rehearsals required of Rangerette Managers.
  • Agrees to enroll for 14 semester hours and successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester hours each and every long semester at Kilgore College and must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to remain active in the organization for the succeeding semester.  Developmental classes are used to calculate GPA for purposes of determining eligibility as a Rangerette Manager/Performer. 
  • Agrees to sign and adhere to the Rangerette Directors Discipline and Performance Contract for Rangerette Managers, Manager/Performers, and Voice of the Rangerettes.

If interested in auditioning for Rangerette Manager please complete the online application and set up an interview with the Rangerette Directors.