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Thank you for your interest in submitting your dues and maintaining your status as an active member of Kilgore College Rangerettes Forever. Your $200 Classic lifetime membership or $500 Platinum lifetime membership is a donation to the Kilgore Rangerettes Forever Foundation, which aims to support the Rangerettes through volunteerism, fundraising, and the Adopt-a-Rangerette program. Fill out the google form below with your membership choice. 

Membership Options

Classic Lifetime Membership

Membership Cost: $200


  • Forevers Plaque 

  • Early Access for Revels Tickets 

Platinum Lifetime Membership

Membership Cost: $500


  • Exclusive K-girl jewelry 
  • Access to VIP event for Platinum members 
  • Priority Access for Revels tickets
  • Priority Access for Christmas show tickets 
  • Exclusive Platinum member decal 
  • Exclusive member number

Stay in Touch

Providing your most current information is the best way to stay connected to the organization. Should you have any changes to your details, please use this Google form to submit updates to the Rangerettes Forever database:

We look forward to connecting with you as we support current and future Rangerettes. For information about upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

You’ll find coverage of Forever activities and accomplishments in the Rangerettes Forever electronic newsletter. When we have your current email address, you’ll receive a link to new editions, and you can catch up on past issues by visiting our Newsletter page. Please don’t be shy about sharing your own good news (new jobs, awards, etc.). Send information to; submission details appear in each edition of the newsletter.

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Adopt a Rangerette

Learn more about the Adopt-a-Rangerette program, which pairs Forevers with active Rangerettes

Adopt-a-Rangerette Program

With Gratitude

Thank you again for your contribution, and we look forward to continuing to support the Rangerettes together.


What is the difference between an Alumni and a Forever?

Rangerette Alumni are those who wore the Red, White & Blue or served as a Rangerette Manager or Voice. A Rangerette Forever is a former member of the Kilgore College Rangerettes who has purchased an alumni membership to the Rangerettes Forever organization.

What are my options?

Rangerette alumni can purchase a membership at either the Classic or Platinum level. (The yearly membership was discontinued in 2019)

Am I a Forever?

Do you have your silver/blue Forevers plaque? Do you have a membership card? You are invited to purchase your membership to the Platinum level. If you do not remember purchasing a membership or do not have a silver/blue Forevers plaque, you are invited to purchase a membership at whichever level works for you. You do not need to be a Classic member to purchase a Platinum membership.

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