The Hit The Hat Scholarship Campaign is an annual appeal focused on financially increasing the endowed Forevers scholarships for the Rangerettes which assist with the cost of tuition, room & board.

These scholarships support the student experience at Kilgore College while keeping the legacy and tradition of the Rangerettes for future generations.


Our goal:  Meet or Exceed  $150,000 by April 30, 2023 


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Help us reach our goal and hit the hat!





Thank you so much for your generous donation. Did you know that many companies in our area will match your charitable donations? This means that with a few simple steps, you can double the impact of your donation for a Rangerette.

​Below is a list of companies that have matched donations to the Kilgore College in the past or are known to match donations. If your company is not on the list, please ask your HR / Payroll department.

If you need any help getting company matching set up, please contact the Kilgore College Scholarship office, Merlyn Holmes at 903.988.7521.


Companies with Matching Gift Program