Who can tryout for the Rangerettes?

Wearing their traditional red, white, and blue uniform, Rangerettes have exhibited an “all-American image” since 1940. As the founders of precision dance/drill, they are known for their consistency and uniformity in dance and in appearance. Thus, all team members must dress exactly alike with no exceptions. Since uniformity is key to the Rangerettes’ dance style and tradition, hair length, hair-style, make-up, and the traditional Rangerette uniform are standardized to achieve this goal. Given that all team members must be able to wear the traditional Rangerette uniform plus the logistical requirements and financial constraints that Rangerettes share accommodations in the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence and while traveling, Rangerette tryouts are limited to female hopefuls only. Information regarding opportunities to apply for a manager, a manager/performer, or the voice position is available on the website.

How many tryouts do the Rangerettes have each year?

Once a year during the summer. Tryouts for 2024 are June 13-15th.

Is there an age limit to tryout?

No. However, your first year is spent as a freshmen Rangerette regardless of your college grade classification. Also, all Rangerettes are required to live on campus in the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence.

What do you have to learn for tryouts?

One field high-kick routine, several studio style combinations and a portion of the field jazz routine.

How many girls attend Rangerette tryouts?

There is no limit to the number of hopefuls who may attend pre-training and tryout for Rangerettes. Usually 85-100 girls attend pre-training each year.

How do I try out for Rangerettes?

Read all the pre-training documents on our website:  Pre-Training Documents

After reviewing all the documents, you can apply online: Rangerettes Application

If you have questions or difficulties completing the online application, email Rangerette Assistant Director, Shelley Wayne -

Do freshmen Rangerettes have to try out again to become sophomore Rangerettes?


Can I tryout again?

Yes. You may attend annual pre-training and tryouts a maximum of two times, and you must meet the attendance criteria for Kilgore College.

Are scholarships available for Rangerettes?

Every Rangerette receives a partial scholarship each semester. Dance performance scholarships are also available by audition through the school of Fine Arts (Dance Department), as well as scholastic scholarships and many other forms of standard student financial aid.

Who chooses new freshmen Rangerettes?

The Rangerette directors choose all new freshmen Rangerettes with assistance from the returning sophomore class. Outside judges are also brought in to assist in evaluating hopefuls during tryouts.

Can I receive an evaluation after pre-training?

Yes. You may request a written evaluation from the end of Pre-Training to July 15, 2022. Requests for evaluations after July 15th will not be honored. You must make this request by e-mail ONLY to the Director, Dana Blair at: