Adopt-a-Rangerette Program

What’s the time commitment that’s expected for this program?

As much as you have to give! We request contact three times monthly but it can be as easy as e-mail, Facebook, or card/letter.

If I adopt a freshman, do I get to keep her the next year when she’s a sophomore?


What if I adopt and find out the experience is not for me or the time consumption is too great?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re happy to assign another Forever to your Rangerette.

Do I have to send gifts?

It’s completely up to you! The girls’ faces light up when they find something in their mail boxes from their Forevers but it could be a card or note. Don’t think of this initiative as materially-driven; it’s far more about the relationships established.

Knowing the importance of her KC mail box number, where do I find this?

Please contact your girl and get this important piece of info from her.