High School 1 and High School 2 Registration - ACCEPTING COMMUTERS ONLY!!!   WE HAVE NO MORE RESIDENT SPACE! INFORMATION ON PARTIAL REFUNDS CALL  903-983-8265 or email mdehoyos@rangerette.com ONLY!

Sponsored by the Kilgore College Rangerettes and the Rangerettes Forever

REGISTRATION IS LIVE! Just click the LARGE BLUE button that says "CAMP REGISTRATION" on the Home Page

Rangerette summer Dance camps provide the best opportunity to learn what it's like to be a Kilgore College Rangerette. Instruction is provided by current and former Rangerettes. Participants learn about the history of the organization, how to dance and perform like a Rangerette, and the importance of discipline, hard work and dedication. Net profits are used to fund Rangerette scholarships and assist in the sponsorship of Rangerette Revels and travel opportunities.

Dates and Pricing for 2018 - Payment is due IN FULL at the time of registration.

Regular registration (PIF) is February 5th through April 1st.
Late Registration (PIF) is April 2nd through May 1st.
If camps are filled, we open a waiting list. Applicants selected from the waiting list are notified.
PAYMENT IN FULL is due by May 15th for RESIDENT waiting list registrants ONLY.
Forms for 2018 below.

* We DO NOT issue refunds IN FULL AFTER May 15th. Please contact mdehoyos@rangerette.com or CALL 903-983-8265 for information on refund amounts past May 15, 2018. 

*RESIDENT students stay on campus in one of the Kilgore College dormitories. COMMUTER students stay with family/friends or at a local hotel and provide their own transportation daily to and from camp. Meals ARE included in the cost for Commuter students.

* You must fill out and bring one of the following liability forms to camp along with a COPY of your medical insurance information. We will not make copies.