How to Request a Performance

To book the Kilgore College Rangerettes for special performances or appearances, please contact Dana Blair, Rangerette Director at (903) 983-8273, or click the button below to email. A written performance request is required and a link to the form is at the bottom of this page.


Please have details about the event, type of performance, stage dimensions, and time allotment. Your request will be considered after reviewing the college calendar, student academic responsibilities, length of absence from class, and number of engagements already scheduled.

The Rangerettes require the following:

  • Transportation: - Two chartered buses are required for transporting the entire team of 65-75 Rangerettes. Smaller vehicles will be considered for smaller groups.
  • Accommodations: A convenient hotel with 2 adults per room and 3-4 students per room. If a hotel is not convenient to the performing site, in-city bus transportation is required. We recommend retaining the charter buses for this service.
  • Meals: Per Diem of $25.00 per person per day, or meals served at performance site.
  • Donation: In addition to the expenses above, view the tax-deductible donations below.

Tax-Deductible Donations

Donation TypeAmount
Entire team (65-75)$4,000
Half team (36-41)$2,500
Small group (10-15)$1,500
Off-season (May - August and Christmas break)$3,600 negotiable
Non-performance appearances (ie. "Honor Guard", greeters, ushers, et cetera)$700 negotiable

The following physical arrangements are required:

  • Stage: An unobstructed, sturdy stage or performance area of at least 20' x 40' for smaller group performances, or 30' x 60' for the entire team is required. Steps on both sides of the stage are required for entrances and exits.
  • Rehearsal: We require at least one-hour on-site rehearsal with a sound technician available.
  • Dressing Rooms: We require adequate space and privacy for costume and uniform changes.

Payment is due at time of performance or may be mailed prior to the following address:

Kilgore College Rangerettes
Attention: Dana Blair
1100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX 75662