“Hit the Hat” Rangerette Scholarships 2021

Question and Answers

Q:  What is an endowment?

A:  An endowment is any sum of money placed in mutual funds to grow along with the market to benefit a university. The funds grow throughout the year then pay conservative dividends of 4-5% annually.


Q:  Who benefits from these endowments?

A:  Current and future Rangerettes


Q:  Do the endowments pay out every year?

A:  In a typical year, each scholarship pays out approximately 4% of the total endowment.  Due to market conditions in 2020, 33 scholarships did not pay out for the 2020-2021 school year.  The market is recovering, and we are hopeful that next year will be better.


Q:  Why are the Forevers choosing to focus on scholarships at this time?

A:  Scholarships help when recruiting and retaining talent. With so many options available to college-bound girls it’s easy to overlook a little junior college in East Texas. With more incentives are available to dancers and leaders, they are more apt to consider Kilgore.


Q: How were these five scholarships selected? Why isn’t the Gussie Nell Davis scholarship included?

A:  The selected scholarships were endowed by the Rangerettes Forever organization. They represent the foundation of our organization.  The Gussie Nell Davis scholarship was not started by our organization and is one of the healthiest scholarships of all that are awarded to Rangerettes.


Q:  What are the current Rangerette expenses?

A:  Tuition, Room and Board is approximately $6,500 per semester. 

Rangerettes have other expenses including uniforms, costumes and some portion of travel as required.


Q:  How much money are the Forevers hoping to raise?

A:  The Forevers are hoping to add $20,000 to each of five endowments. The goal is to raise $100,000 by end of March 2021.


Q:  Do I receive tax benefits from my contribution?

A:  Yes! You will receive a receipt to use on your taxes.


Q:  Will anyone know how much I donate?

A:  Only the Kilgore College Foundation has access to that information. It is not published nor shared with the Forevers organization.


Q:  Is there a minimum donation?

A:  No. No donation is too small.  Every dollar goes towards scholarships


Q:  Can I pay with a credit card?

A:  Yes! You can use a credit card on the Kilgore College Giving website. The credit card fees are about 3%. Consider increasing your donation by 3% to cover the fees.


Q. Can I write a check?

A: Yes!  Checks can be mailed to the address below. Checks are not subject to the 3% credit card fee.

Kilgore College Foundation

Memo: Hit the Hat Scholarship Campaign

1100 Broadway Blvd

Kilgore TX 75662


Q:  I can’t donate before March 31, 2021. Does that mean I can’t participate?

A:  The tally for the Hit-the-Hat Scholarship Campaign will finish at the end of March, but any donation is always welcome.


Q:  How do I donate?

A:  Go to Rangerette.com.  Select Forevers / Hit the Hat Scholarship Campaign / Click Here to Donate / Select “Hit the Hat” from the drop-down list