“Hit the Hat” 2023

Question and Answers

Q: What is Hit the Hat? 

A: It's an annual appeal from the Kilgore Rangerettes Forever Foundation (KRFF) to increase the endowment for all scholarships that benefit the Rangerettes.


Q:  What is an endowment?

A:  An endowment is any sum of money invested to grow along with the market to benefit a college or university. The funds grow throughout the year paying conservative dividends annually. The generated interest is used as scholarship awards. The principal remains invested. 


Q:  Who benefits from these endowments?

A:  Current and future Rangerettes & Managers


Q:  Do the endowments pay out every year?

A:  In a typical year, each scholarship pays out a percentage of the total endowment.  The payout is driven by market conditions and could fluctuate.


Q:  Why are the KRFF choosing to focus on all scholarships at this time?

A:  KRFF has a vision to provide all of the Rangerettes a full scholarship by 2032.  Providing a full scholarship will help with recruiting and retaining talent. With so many options available to college-bound girls it’s easy to overlook a little junior college in East Texas. With more incentives available to dancers and leaders, they are more apt to consider Kilgore.


Q: Why focus on all scholarships vs. just KRFF scholarships like last year? 

A:  To achieve full scholarships, we will need the help and support of all that have established a scholarship to ensure all are in good health and continue to grow the endowment for all.   


Q:  What are the current Rangerette expenses?

A:  Expenses for 2022-23 school year includes:


Tuition and Fees for 15 hours

In district - $1,350

Out of district - $2,535

Out of state - $3,285


$3,895 per semester for Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence and Meal Plan


$1,500 - $2,300 other expenses including uniforms, costumes and some portion of travel as required.


Example:  Out of district ($2,535 + $3,895)x 2 semesters + Other $2,000 = $14,860 Annually


Q: How much money do the current Rangerettes currently receive in scholarships?

A:  Each Rangerette and Manager receives a scholarship that covers a portion of their tuition, room and board. 


Q:  How much money are the Forevers hoping to raise?

A:  KRFF goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of April 2023.


Q:  How will KRFF distribute the dollars raised?

A:  KRFF will collaborate with KC Foundation and Rangerette Directors to determine potential gaps or scholarships that need assistance.  We will provide a summary of those results as part of our year end summary.


Q:  Do I receive tax benefits from my contribution?

A:  Yes! You will receive a receipt to use on your taxes from KC Foundation.


Q:  Is there a minimum donation?

A:  No. Give what you can.  All donations make a difference and help us get closer to our vision.


Q:  Can I pay with a credit card?

A:  Yes! You can use a credit card on the Kilgore College Giving website. The credit card fees are about 3%. Consider increasing your donation by 3% to cover the fees.


Q. Can I write a check?

A: Yes!  Checks can be mailed to the address below. 

Checks are not subject to the 3% credit card fee. 

Kilgore College Foundation

Memo: 2023 Hit the Hat 

1100 Broadway Blvd

Kilgore TX 75662


Q:  I can’t donate before April 30, 2023. Does that mean I can’t participate?

A:  The tally for the Hit-the-Hat Scholarship Campaign will finish at the end of April, but any scholarship donation are always welcome.


Q:  How do I donate?

A:  Go to https://giving.kilgore.edu/giving/hit-the-hat-scholarship-campaign and Click Give Now


Q:  Who can I contact with questions?

A:  Please send an email to rangerettesforever@gmail.com